The below are a few questions we regularly get asked and are delighted to explain below:

Do you do house removals?

“Yes, we can facilitate both domestic and international removals. If you have a removal requirement, your nearest AirSea office will arrange for a surveyor to visit your location. The surveyor will ascertain all the requirements of the client, asses volume and check access so on return to the office, a client manager can work on an estimate for your requirements asap.”

I live in an apartment, can you deliver to me?

“Yes, this is no problem at all. However in order for us to do this, please let the client managers know the full address at the point of quotation. This assures that the team price and allow for enough time on site should the delivery require longer than usual to walk up flights of stairs etc. Delivery is always typically based on ground floor delivery unless specified prior and is always subject to good access.”

Can you arrange a furniture lifter?

“Yes, we can arrange the appropriate lifting equipment for whatever the requirement. In order for us to know what is required, we can arrange for one of our technicians to visit the site to ascertain what is required (for a nominal fee). Once all the information has been gathered, the client services team will provide you the full estimate for everything you require.”

Can you collect unpacked items?

“Yes, our collection team are trained to handle and moved unpacked furniture, artwork etc. Our team always carry additional packing materials and travel blankets on board to ensure the piece is packed correctly for transport. When requesting an estimate, you will be asked how the item is currently packed/or not packed so we can allow for the appropriate packaging materials to be brought along and allow for additional time on site to safely pack the piece.”

Can you arrange insurance?

“Yes, when requesting an estimate if you provide us with the value of the item/s we can provide you with an estimate for all risks insurance. If you choose not to take our insurance, you will be subject to our standard trading conditions which are available upon request.”

Can you hang/install artworks/mirrors?

“Yes, our in house fine art division have the capability to handle, pack, transport, ship and install artworks/mirrors and sculptures of all sizes. Upon sending us the details of the artwork/sculpture, dependant on the size etc we may suggest that a site visit is required to see where the installation is to happen to check access, wall suitability etc. This can be arranged for a nominal fee, once we have this information, the client services team will then put together a full installation quote for the artwork/mirror.

Can you assemble furniture?

“Yes, our delivery crew bring along the appropriate tools required for basic assembly. If you know an item requires assembly, please tell us this at the point of quotation so we can ensure that we allow for enough time on site to undertake the basic assembly. If the piece requires detailed assembly, this is also not a problem however our client services team will require more information on the piece/assembly to ensure we have the appropriate tools required for the job.”

Can you arrange all export documentation?

“Yes, our in-house import/export department handle and arrange all required documentation required for shipping your items to the required destination. We will also advise any useful information regarding local customs requirements/formalities etc.”

We hope the above has been helpful, however If you need any other information on the above or have any other questions regarding our services, please do not hesitate to contact your nearest office to discuss your requirements/query in greater detail, or if you are happy to please email info@airseapacking.com and someone will get back to you asap.


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