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Packing and Crating

Our highly trained packers appraise each piece we receive, taking into account the fragility, shape, materials, and destination of the items to ship. We then create customized packaging solutions using conservation-approved archival packing materials, from soft packing to custom interior cases.

  • Custom packing and crating for air transport, sea transport and land freight
  • From simple, hand-carried containers to custom-built cases for transportation
  • Packing for short-, medium-, and long-term storage
  • Soft Packing, Tri-Wall, and Custom Plywood Cases


AirSea Packing provides flexible solutions for all transportation needs, from a single piece to an entire household and from local shuttles to international shipping. With unparalleled global white-glove logistics experience, our team ensures that your shipments are delivered safely and on schedule.

  • Local: same day pick-up and delivery
  • Domestic: dedicated or consolidated options
  • Shuttles: schedule and routes available
  • International: import and export around the world

Inventory Management

Our integrated software allows all ASP offices to manage inventories. Each item is barcoded to facilitate tracking during transit and in storage and to confirm when the item is delivered. The online inventory is a great tool to manage and prepare installations of any size.

  • Condition reports and digital photographic recording
  • Digital inventory system for all facilities
  • Barcode scanners with iPhone integration
  • Ideal for designers' projects


Our storage facilities offer an ideal environment for art collections and interior design projects. Clients can easily arrange private viewings, and our state-of-the-art security systems protect your items. Our locations are staffed by trained technicians, experienced in handling, packing, and transporting valued collections, all tailored to a client’s specific requirements.

  • Private Viewing room available
  • Climate-controlled facilities
  • High-level, 24-hour security systems
  • Condition reports and pictures
  • For a single object to an entire collection


The project manager identifies and discusses with the crew supervisor any challenges or specific needs to ensure a smooth and stress-free delivery. We provide timely status updates, communicating and closely monitoring each step with the client. The crew performs delivery with unpacking, placement, and debris removal.

  • Site inspection with a supervisor prior project begins
  • White-glove delivery, placement, and debris removal
  • Online tracking system upon request for domestic
i Furniture by Avram Rusu Studio


Our experienced and professional teams develop an installation plan after a detailed site inspection, addressing your objects’ unique needs and anticipated delivery challenges. We provide quality installation, packing and condition reporting, as well as a full range of specific art handling services.

  • Interior design project lead
  • Site inspection at every stage
  • Art hanging services available
  • In-depth online inventory control

AirSea caters to all types of clients. Learn about our services for Individuals or Corporations.